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Elanthian Trivia


How well do you know Elanthia?  Test your knowledge, and see how good you are.  

I've decided to dedicate this page to Elanthia Trivia, and each week I will post several questions in which I will award prizes for the correct answers. The questions will vary, some will be word scrambles, fill in the blanks, etc..  They will be based upon all of Elanthia and its surroundings, so keep a watchful eye as you venture out in the wilds, you just might find the answer in your travels.  

How it works: For each question - I will take the first 10 correct responses and draw a name from those 10 people. The person chosen will get a prize of some sort (not sure what the prizes will be as of yet).

There will be more than one question per week so you can try your luck on as many as you like.  For example, if there are  5 different questions the first week, I will take the first 10 correct responses to each of  those questions and draw 5 names  (5 individual drawings so that the winners are randomly chosen and not the same people all the time).

Good Luck and most of all, enjoy!

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